Monte Carlo Rallies, wins for BMC. in 1965, 1966 and 1967

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In fact, there might have been four Monte Carlo wins for the BMC team in 1966, Time, Makinen and Paul Easter had won the rally again, but following an inspection they (and other members of BMC's work team) were disqualified on the dubious technicality of having used nonstandard halogen bulbs in the head lamps. Makinen and Aaltonen were BMC's famous "Flying Firms" who, because of their Scandinavian background, were particularly familiar with driving on snow or ice bound roads, and who both revelled in the advantage that the front wheel drive Minis gave them in such conditions, often encountered on the Monte Carlo rally held in January.

Throughout this time two new versions of the 1071cc A-series engine were introduced, the 1275cc and 970cc. Although the latter engine was short lived as by Jan 65 it had been discontinued joining the 1071cc that went in Sep 64. The Cooper S had other improvements: larger disc brakes with servo and stronger gearbox. Also a choice of a close ratio gearbox and four final-drive ratios.

This win set the scene for the following Monte Carlo Rallies, with outstanding rally wins for BMC. in 1964,1965 and 1967, also many other
important victories in the hands of other famous drivers such as Rauno
Aaltonen and Timo Makinen.

The last full season contested by the BMC works team was 1968 but by then the original BMC Competitions Department at Abingdon was virtually closed down and the hey day of the Mini Coopers and the Mini Cooper 'S's was over.